We also offer the full collection of West Winery wines at our location.

Smokestack White– Vidal and Chardonel dry, bright with fruit and a clean finish

Vidal Blanc– Crisp, clean, citric grapefruit, 85% Vidal 15% Cayuga

Roundhouse Red– St. Vincent, Cabernet, Syrah, delightfully dry, fruity bouquet

Chambourcin 2011-Bright red cherry with raspberry, tobacco, velvety and round taste

2013 Norton– Our Norton is dark, dry, and aged in American Oak

Little Red Caboose– Lively, semi-dry St. Vincent

White Catawba- pinkish-blue grape that processes as white, medium bodied and fruity

Valvin Muscat– mid-season grape with distinctive Muscat flavor

Traminette-late mid-season, high quality grape with floral and fruity aromas hint of spice

Sweet Chambourcin– smooth version of 2010 Chambourcin

2014 Pear– the seasonal taste, color and smell of Fall Harvest

Duck Creek White– Vignoles with hints of ripe melon, refreshing finish

Duck Creek Rosé– A light and fruity blend of Catawba and Vidal

Duck Creek Red– Concord-Chambourcin blend with blackberry bouquet

Spiced Apple- Sweet taste of mulling spices

Whisper-Smooth red Portugal port like dessert  wine 100% Norton grapes  **Silver

**           Finger Lakes (NY) 3900 wines; 50 countries.   Wine Championship Medal Winners 2014